Emre Parlak is a visual communication designer currently living in Istanbul. He tailors project-specific design concepts across various platforms primarily on visual identity, print, and digital design.

This website is home to a selection of his works, created between 2010—2018.


Emre Parlak is a visual communication designer currently living in Istanbul. He tailors project-specific design concepts across various platforms primarily on visual identity, print, and digital design. He works independently and within Fevkalade, a visual design studio which he is the co-founder of.

After receiving his BA degree (with Honours) in Visual Communication Design at Yeditepe University with full scholarship, he completed his MA degree at Sabancı University Department of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design in 2011. He also gave typography and design lectures as a part-time lecturer at Yeditepe University and Sabancı University for 2 years.

He is passionate about typographic perfection, grid systems, and color interactions. He tries to take shape according to the content of the project and make the appropriate design decisions as rationally and objectively as possible. The details become prominent as the design takes its final form, making the difference between average and good design.

  • 2011MA in Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design with full scholarship
    Sabancı University
  • 2007BA in Visual Communication Design (with Honours) with full scholarship
    Yeditepe University

  • 2009—PresentCo-founder and Creative director at Fevkalade
  • 2017—2018Part-time instructor at Sabancı University
    Advance Topics on Typography and Design with Typography classes
  • 2014—2015Part-time instructor at Yeditepe University
    Desktop publishing, Web design and Design Workshop classes
  • 2008—2010Teaching Assistant at Sabancı University
    Typography, Envisioning Information, Web Design and Design Studio classes
  • 2007—2008Graphic designer at Katalist
    Worked on various projects from digital to print

    Areas of Focus
  • Visual Identity
    Print Design
    Digital Design


  • DesignEmre Parlak
  • DevelopmentGökmen Kurtoğlu
  • FontModerat Regular by Fabian Fohrer and Fabian Huber

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All work © 2010—2018 Emre Parlak

Majör is a monospaced geometric sans serif all-uppercase typeface which also has a complete set of constructivist display characters with a playful attitude.

It has many stylistic alternates but the basic variation between serious/playful faces can be implemented on web use where Opentype features can be hard to apply, thanks to the fact that the sans serif and the display versions of the letterforms can be reached via lowercase and uppercase options. This makes Majör a great choice for web typography, especially as a big point-size player.

Majör Mono Display — Type Design

Display type design, 2018. Ongoing project.

Will be released by Google Fonts soon.

Inspired by the basic geometric shapes of the toy parts, a container and amusing identity, which could be a symbol alone, was created.

The letter "i" in the Toyi letters is linked to the letter "o" in a small game in the logo and they are forming letter "i" together.

A custom color font for the brand was designed out of the letters from the logo.

Toyi — Branding

Branding for Toyi, 2018. Ongoing project.

Toyi is a creative play kit that allows children aged six years or older to make toys they imagine using materials around them.

Starting from a single cedar, on a common ground with the plain, brutalist architecture of the place, the pieces are divided equally into halves to form the symbol. Moving through four digits in the logo, 4 pieces come together to form the character '4'. The symbol keeps the simplicity and brutality, makes it a way out of it.

Dört Kadıköy — Branding

Identity design for the Third Wave coffee shop Dört Kadıköy (Four Kadıköy) in Kadıköy Moda, 2015.

Inspired by architectural drawings and geometry of the letters "s", "o" and "?", the poster consists of a modular system starting from a single unit and line width.

Jeff Talks: SO? — Poster Design

Poster design for Jeff Talks: SO? event, 2018.

Jeff Talks events are talks on design, technology, art and everyday life. SO?, an architecture office, founded in 2007 by Sevince Bayrak and Oral Göktaş in Istanbul.

Every scene refers to a speaker and these scenes evolve in the grid structure and differ from each other. The main starting point of the design is the letter design, its 2 dimensional canvas and the grid system on the background. The colors chosen for the speakers are the colors which are gathered as clues to these people’s color tones used in their previous works. For example: Gerard Unger’s personal website and the color purple which was used on his book’s cover.

Only one font family, Droid Sans, Serif and Mono was used in this project. The main purpose of this limitation was to create a common language among the speakers, to reveal the power of the grid, color and basic geometric shapes in the scenes.

ISType — Motion Graphics

Promotional video design for ISType (Istanbul Typography Seminars), a seminar which aims to encourage people to get more involved into typographic literacy by speeches and workshops, 2012.

Inspired by the idea of an area and a roof for music education, a simple, minimal symbol is created by creating the letter P over the top view of the piano. These pieces of the symbol also refer to the decorations of the baroque period, forming the main elements of the identity.

Piyano Evi — Branding

Identity design for music education center Piyano Evi (Piano House), 2015.

The letters in a sophisticated, sharp form create a dynamic structure by dividing into syllables within the established system. This spelling also creates the word "ist" (abbreviation of Istanbul). The hyphens and dot used in the logo were made with humanist brush strokes and contrasted with the letters. Sophisticated, edgy, inviting and open.

the Curatorialist — Branding

Identity design for the Curatorialist, 2017.

Founded in 2017 [and imbued with the spirit of Istanbul], the Curatorialist is a web-based platform dedicated to the curation of audacious personas for the inquisitive—and hungry—mind.

Taken the geometrical figures as a base, keywords like ‘game, process, movement’ were used to create a custom logotype. The letters in the logo are made by these geometrical pieces coming together; the result is a character full of energy, playfulness and color.

The letter ‘g’ is also a symbol for Gamileo and by a 90 degrees turn, it folds into a character. This character gathers an identity in the system and interacts with the users. The pieces that create the letters also take form as a part of the identity in the system’s interfaces.

Gamileo — Identity

Identity design for the new generation job application system Gamileo, 2016.

First aim for the site design is to make every work and information smoothly accessible, and to do this with simple and neat way. Concatenated work lined up in the modular grid structure are aligned by the rules on the background. A structure which is smooth, accessible and readable is aimed. Atlas Grotesque font is used because of this simple and neat language. And only one weight (regular) and two point size are used to form the simple structure.

9016 — Web Design

Website design for a 2011 born design and architecture office 9016, 2018.

Website Link ↗

Selected Posters / Illustrations

Selected posters / illustrations between 2010–2018.

01— ISType Swift, poster, 2015
02— City Crossings Workshop, poster, 2012
03— Hayvan (Animal) Exhibition, illustration, 2012
04— Strange Love, illustration (personal), 2017
05— Fear, illustration (personal), 2016
06— Neu Grafik, illustration (personal), 2011

Thank you for your time. To discuss a new project or just to say hi, feel free to get in touch.


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All work © 2010—2018 Emre Parlak